It can be a difficult transition from living a life when you only had to care about yourself and in less than one day you’re caring for two, you and your newborn. Understandably, after you give birth there may be some feelings of excitement but some sadness. Commonly, many women go through postpartum depression after giving birth and our companions can help.

Lower your chances of postpartum depression.home care with newborn babies Atlanta

A randomized, controlled study reported by released that postpartum depression and companionship can make all the difference in a new mother’s life after giving birth. The study took 189 nulliparous women laboring. 92 of these women were given sealed envelopes that would tell them if they would receive additional companionship from a companion after giving birth. The results were pretty astounding and obvious that the support obtained from a companion attained higher self-esteem scores and lowered both anxiety and postpartum depression ratings just six weeks post delivery.

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It can be eye-opening to understand that something as simple as a companion can help aid in recovery from birth and keep you from suffering from both anxiety and postpartum depression after you give birth. If this is something that you’d like to learn more about, we highly suggest that you give our home care companions a call. A home care team is standing by waiting for your call. Whether you’re nine months pregnant and about to deliver or you have have a newborn with you at home, we invite you to reach out to us.